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"I am so sick and tired of seeing people speed up to run red lights, simply slowing down for stop signs, etc... Doing the best you can to obey the law and driving defensively needs to be returned to drivers daily habits."
- Jane R
"I am for red light cameras. Having had an accident with someone that ran a red light. I don't think the fines are stiff enough. The people that are against it are the ones that are running lights."
- Daniel T
"If you are a good driver you have nothing to worry about. Let the bad drivers flip the bill."
- Michael B
"If you are obeying the law, you won't cause an accident. It's really that simple and it's a sad fact that these cameras are necesary to keep drivers honest."
- Mark W
"I'm for it. Bottom line you shouldnt be running red lights and the accidents won't happen plain and simple there is no excuse why you should run a red light."
- Susan G
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Seconds to Safety
City of Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, City of St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster, Melissa Wandall(wife of victim) and Alan Snel(bicycle safety advocate) share their support for intersection safety cameras.

Latest News

Red light cameras were listed as one of the seven safety measures that can cut traffic deaths significantly, but have not been widely implemented by every state.

Statement from NCSR
Today the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released its list of seven safety measures



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